Intelligent Infrastructure that enables the placement of technology practically anywhere. Reliably, safely and Aesthetically

Going Underground Opens Up Opportunities

House your most important equipment securely and safely underground. Build opportunities.

Unlock Real Estate Value
Monetize untapped real estate
  • Optimize deployment locations
  • Access to Private land
  • More Right-of-Way choices
Offset Carbon Emissions
Increase the capacity you need at a fraction of the cost.
  • Reduce cooling needs
  • Cool with renewable sources
  • Increase equipment life
Safe and Secure
We provide an optimal environment for equipment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Secure access
  • Full environmental control
  • Vandalism and theft protection
Be part of the Industry 4.0
Transform the Industry through intelligent infrastructure
  • Expand your network to the customer edge anywhere
  • Upgrade and Adapt your network fast

InfraSite® Smart Vault Applications

Attach Smart Vault to existing infrastructure or include it in your next new build

  • Co-locate on an existing Macro or Mini-Macro

  • Increase the capacity of Small Cells

  • Include Smart City Infrastructure


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