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The InfraSite® Story

The InfraSite® story begins more than three decades ago as our founders were developing expertise in building telecommunications macro towers, landline infrastructure and emerging technologies in the renewable energy and aerospace fields. InfraSite® started from a small, simple idea that had the potential to change the world. We put our out of the box thinking back in a box and secured the box underground!

In 2015, with the explosive growth in data traffic on wireless networks and the approaching arrival of 5G and CBRS, the founders of InfraSite® realized that networks were having trouble keeping up with demand. In addition, siting and permitting had become exceedingly difficult, particularly in crowded cities and towns where most of the population lives.

With more than 30 years of collective experience from its founders, engineers, legal and business development teams, InfraSite® began building, operating and maintaining state-of-the-art technology and sites for the location or co-location of telecommunications infrastructure and other technologies. We know that our innovation is directly tied to collaboration and the diversity of ideas and thoughts from people who have different experiences. Our model enables cost efficiency, highest quality standards and creates a thriving ecosystem for everyone.

  • 2015

    InfraSite’s Parent Company is Incorporated

  • 2016

    First Prototype Developed

  • 2017

    Branding and Technology Trademarked

  • 2018

    First U.S. Patent Granted / Series A Round of Funding Closed

  • 2019

    Second U.S. Patent Granted / Opened Market to LATAM/EU

  • 2020

    Signed Master Lease Agreement with At&T and Telefonica

  • 2022

    First Deployment in Latin America

  • Jul 10, 2023

    Tier1 Deployment in Unites States

An International Team

InfraSite® Team Members Serve: North America and Latin America


InfraSite® has an experienced, international executive team with backgrounds in wireless telecommunications systems, site construction, finance, energy, and product development. We develop cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing wireless infrastructure solutions.


Kevin Goldstein

Kevin brings an extensive background in mechanical and electrical engineering, legal and intellectual property rights to the Infrasite business. His portfolio presents a unique combination of expertise and experience, enabling InfraSite to effectively design, develop, test and market innovative products, services, systems and technologies and solutions

Earlier in his career, Kevin worked as an aerospace engineer for the United States Department of Defense) and later transitioned to working for a major airframe manufacturer (Boeing), as a senior member of the design team for the V-22 Osprey digital flight control system. Supplementing his technical expertise, Kevin’s 20-year background as an intellectual property attorney brings a detailed understanding of building a strong intellectual property portfolio for InfraSite as well as related technical matters.

Vitaliy Pereverzev

Prior to his entrepreneurial efforts, Vitaliy spent several years leading valuations, due diligence, M&A, and deal execution for Credit Suisse and billionaire industrialist Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries. His deal experience includes extensive work in the alternative energy and power/utilities markets.

Vitaliy earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science from MIT and his MBA from Harvard, where he was one of only a handful of applicants accepted directly from an undergraduate program. He is also an accomplished tennis player with Division III All-American status in both singles and doubles at MIT, national juniors titles from Kazakhstan, and professional tournament appearances. Vitaliy came to the US at 17 as a tennis prodigy to train at Florida’s Palmer Tennis Academy, and within months he learned English and graduated as high school valedictorian.

Marcela Torres

Before joining InfraSite, Marcela was the founder and principal of IDS@WORK, a consulting firm that provides industrial and mechanical design services, primarily in the telecom and energy industries. Her company also provided additional services and expertise in project management, product development, market research, and brand management.

Earlier in her career, Marcela was the Head of Mechanical Engineering for EnerFuel where she managed all Mechanical Engineering efforts as well as the design and implementation of fuel cell modules. She also coordinated design processes, approval cycles, vendors/suppliers, internal production, and testing.


Oscar J. Puerto Sanchez

General Manager
Oscar Puerto is a leading business executive, recognized in the Telecommunications sector in Latin America, due to his extensive experience in business development in the Andean region. Before joining Infrasite team, Oscar served as Senior Executive of International Cable Corp, a North American company dedicated to provide remanufacturing services and sale of equipment for some of the largest telecommunications companies in Latin America (America Movil in Mexico, Telefonica Movistar in Colombia, Claro Colombia and others), leading the company's growth in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Panama.

Advisory Board

David Craft

David Craft

David graduated from the University of Minnesota and started an international career which took him to live in different countries in Latin America for more than 30 years. David spent most of his professional life working for multinational corporations in different positions at a local, regional and global level.

Strong negotiator and entrepreneur mindset, David has led multidisciplinary groups not only to grow organizations but in the formation of joint ventures, creation of new companies, and M&A negotiations.

His experience covers industries like telecommunications and heavy civil construction among others. David was President Rotary Club, member of Fulbright Scholarship Board, President American Chamber of Commerce, and VP of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce for Latin America. He is also a passionate golfer.

Matthew Graham

Technology Development Advisor
Matthew Graham is a creative engineer and strong leader of multidisciplinary teams. His portfolio boasts a consistent, demonstrated ability to achieve technically challenging goals with accelerated schedules.

Graham possesses a strong fuel cell and hybrid power systems background, with accomplishments that include leadership at EnerFule toward the development of a prototype propane/natural gas reformer-based HT-PEM fuel cell system for stationary power applications in the telecom and residential/small commercial micro-combined heat and power markets; serving as lead engineer and designer of a novel liquid-cooled fuel cell module, with responsibility for developing and introducing cost, size and weight reduction strategies; and the creation of competitively raced electric vehicles that resulted in winning the NEDRA SC/A World Record Holder.

Raj Beri

Affiliations & Partnerships

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