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WEST PALM BEACH, Florida/July 25, 2019 – If there were a magical wand that could solve the world’s growing need for more usable real estate while bringing telecommunication carriers together with governing agencies to reach mutual working relationships for 5G/4G LTE deployment and the internet of things (IoT), that wand would have to be kept in a secure box. While there is no magic wand, there is a magic box that has been invented by InfraSite, a Florida based technology solutions company. Their patented box opens opportunities through its innovative design and will help solve the problems the wand would fix.

“We have innovatively  created a new product that can merge into the wireless industry and bring the municipalities and wireless carriers together to create a new 5G experience. It’s a magic box,” said Kevin T. Aycock, founder of InfraSite.

The magic is that the underground box houses the next generation of internet connectivity and personal and business communications while providing solutions that smart cities, and worldwide telecommunication networks can use. All of this courtesy of an accessible, secure, underground box that frees the real estate above it for multiple purposes.

“Specifically, our product is a fire and flood proof underground telecommunications equipment shelter. Cars cannot run over the equipment and take it out of commission. By being underground, we give municipalities an aesthetic alternative to unsightly cell towers, give landlords more useable real estate, and provide network operators the connectivity tools needed to expand 5G, and even some of the current 4G LTE deployments, to their fullest capabilities,” added Aycock.

InfraSite’s introduction of the underground equipment shelter comes as telecommunication carriers are racing to secure more broadcast towers after being empowered by the Federal Communications Commission’s decision that mandates municipalities nationwide must provide lots of new space for 5G deployments in public places. Many municipalities are fighting the decision. InfraSite’s underground boxes help to keep the peace by keeping public space less cluttered, more aesthetic and available for other uses while providing an alternative to network operators to provide excellent connectivity and better service to the community.

“Our product can make a big difference because of the fact that it bridges the gap between the municipalities and what the wireless carriers want to do whether with 5G or 4G LTE. It allows us to be able to come to the table and bring a solution that works for everyone,” concluded Aycock.

About InfraSite Infrastructure Solutions

InfraSite is a global company on the cutting edge of technology, that designs, develops and provides innovative infrastructure solutions for customers challenged with the need to place equipment in diverse environmental settings.

With its world headquarters based in South Florida, InfraSite has created a unique, patented solution for housing wireless, and other important infrastructure equipment underground, in a sealed, protected, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing way.

 Compared to old fashioned approaches such as standard macro towers, roof-top installations and small cells, the “out-of-the-box” InfraSite solution enhances the network by bringing numerous benefits, including equipment protection, incremental revenues, increased safety, and preserved site aesthetics and property values.

 InfraSite’s innovative infrastructure solutions are meticulously designed to support and address the needs of each stakeholder in various wireless infrastructure deployments from 4G LTE to 5G, and in particular, to benefit wireless carriers, municipalities, property owners, tenants, and communities.


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