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Climate Change is Here. Is Local Government Ready?

Hurricane Dorian Seen From Aboard the Space Station. Source: Nasa Climate Change will likely bring record breaking heat waves, severe rain storms, powerful hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and cataclysmic firestorms – all of them leaving damaged infrastructure in their wake. Extreme weather events are recurring with greater frequency and veracity each year. In 2018 alone, Southeast…

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You Don’t Want to See It

What if the 5G telecom towers were invisible – your constituents were connected – and the supporting infrastructure fit perfectly in your city?   InfraSite performs magic by taking the technology underground: Innovative design allows equipment to function seamlessly as a parking spot at an airport or stadium, bridging the #wireless coverage gap in dense,…

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InfraSite brings connectivity not a NIMBY

Smart Cities require Smart Infrastructure. See how InfraSite makes a difference and helps cities avoid visual pollution and NYMBY with an innovative underground hub. 4G/5G connectivity in Urban and Historical Areas Maximizing the IoT/Smart City potential Connectivity needed for Autonomous Vehicle Control Ways to monetize government assets Effective use of public spaces Centralized data centers…

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Inside Towers: InfraSite Rises to the Challenges of Site Deployment

When a street magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, the locals respond with applause and wonderment. InfraSite is hoping for a similar response from municipalities as they rollout a “pop-up” solution to urban and suburban site deployment with a unique hydraulically-raised equipment rack and underground enclosure (watch a video here). Their “application agnostic infrastructure” is designed to…

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‘Smart City’ under construction in Osceola County

The Smart future is under construction in Osceola County, FL. InfraSite’s unique underground infrastructure helps Smart Cities bring carriers and citizens together to build a better quality of life, increase economic competitiveness, and improve sustainability. Learn more about InfraSite’s smart city application. 

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Solving the Network Capacity Challenge


Wonder why your call drops or you don’t have reception in areas where you might assume you would be covered?  InfraSite outlines the challenges of providing coverage to a growing population in increasingly dense areas, how wireless services keep up with network capacity, and proposed innovations for the future.

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How 5G Will Change Your Smartphone, and Your Life in 2019


5G will change how we interact with each other, business, government and more.  Will cities be ready to build capacity for it?  Where will all the towers go?  InfraSite believes underground will be the logical choice. This video from Digital Trends provides a good snapshot of what we can expect from a 5G enabled world.

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Smart Cells & Small Cells: Innovation Can Be Beautiful


It has to be beautiful. Visual pollution is increasingly problematic for local communities (including our partners in South Florida) and resolving this issue was key to the launch of InfraSite. We believe that innovative wireless technology can be combined with an upgraded infrastructure network that fits aesthetically and seamlessly into the urban exterior. We are…

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