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Industry Alert: Municipalities’ Push for Less Clutter Creates Hot Poles that May Slow 5G Expansion in USA By:  Sam Yates   Hot around the collar voters pushing municipalities to take action throughout the United States against the rapid rise of 5G small towers are making their voices heard. And, the heat they are generating is…

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August 19, 2019 – MEDIA RELEASE InfraSite

  INFRASITE® RECEIVES APPROVAL TO LOCATE PATENTED MAGIC BOX 5G SOLUTION ON 21,000 MILES OF CSX RAIL RIGHTS OF WAY   WEST PALM BEACH, Florida/August 19, 2019 – InfraSite has finalized a record-breaking agreement to locate its patented underground 5G boxes on 21,000 (34,000 km) miles of CSX rail rights of way. The agreement means InfraSite’s new…

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Inside Towers: InfraSite Rises to the Challenges of Site Deployment

When a street magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, the locals respond with applause and wonderment. InfraSite is hoping for a similar response from municipalities as they rollout a “pop-up” solution to urban and suburban site deployment with a unique hydraulically-raised equipment rack and underground enclosure (watch a video here). Their “application agnostic infrastructure” is designed to…

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July 25, 2019 – MEDIA RELEASE InfraSite

  THE MAGIC IS IN THE BOX INFRASITE® INTRODUCES PATENTED UNDERGROUND BOX THAT SOLVES 5G PROBLEMS AND GENERATES SOLUTIONS   WEST PALM BEACH, Florida/July 25, 2019 – If there were a magical wand that could solve the world’s growing need for more usable real estate while bringing telecommunication carriers together with governing agencies to reach…

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Colocation and Coordination: The Key to 5G Implementation


As the world prepares for the transition to #5G, carriers face many challenges including #5Ginfrastructure implementation. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article outlining these challenges – paying special attention to #fiber optic build-out as well as the zoning & permitting restrictions the vast amount of cabling can cause. InfraSite’s patented underground infrastructure provides #wireless…

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‘Smart City’ under construction in Osceola County

The Smart future is under construction in Osceola County, FL. InfraSite’s unique underground infrastructure helps Smart Cities bring carriers and citizens together to build a better quality of life, increase economic competitiveness, and improve sustainability. Learn more about InfraSite’s smart city application. 

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AGL Reports: New Company Aims to Make Mini-macros Cool Again

AGL Reports: InfraSite makes mini-macros cool again

For years, Kevin Aycock has headed up Dynamic Towers and Dynamic Construction Services of America, developing construction and designing leasing strategies and racking up 1,500 collocations, on towers high above the ground. But his most ingenious idea may be for placing equipment below ground. InfraSite Infrastructure Solutions, a new company that Aycock cofounded and leads…

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Smart Cells & Small Cells: Innovation Can Be Beautiful


It has to be beautiful. Visual pollution is increasingly problematic for local communities (including our partners in South Florida) and resolving this issue was key to the launch of InfraSite. We believe that innovative wireless technology can be combined with an upgraded infrastructure network that fits aesthetically and seamlessly into the urban exterior. We are…

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