Building Smarter Cities for Improved Quality of Life, Economic Competitiveness, and Sustainability

Today's Smart Cities are Data Driven

IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will profoundly affect the ways in which businesses and governments engage with consumers and citizens. An advanced wireless communications network is now as essential as any other utility. Infrasite® explores the transformative potential of bridging the gaps in planning, permitting and building our communities in order to adopt these emerging technologies. Our underground solution enables critical infrastructure to be quickly installed just about anywhere.

InfraSite Cities
City and Communities
  • Enables cities and mobile operators to work together and preserves city aesthetics with nearly invisible infrastructure
  • Ensures access to 5G tech critical to city growth and safety while generating a potential source of revenue
  • Creates critical emergency infrastructure/emergency preparedness storage


InfraSite Landlords and Businesses
Business and Landlords
  • Generates a potential source of revenue while attracting talent to locations with desirable technology capabilities
  • Urban landlord / municipality friendly (completely discreet) and prepares the way for 5G access to IoT for business growth
  • Grows neighborhood interconnectivity through improved and shared communications


InfraSite Mobile Operators
Mobile Carriers and Infrastructure Providers
  • Efficiently scale wireless deployments in smart cities and allow carriers to colocate equipment in hard to permit locations
  • Completely discreet (anti-theft, anti-vandalism) housing protects equipment from harsh environments including humidity and corrosion.
  • Strategically located in highly sensitive public areas

Public Safety

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

As communities face an increasing number of violent and deadly criminal incidents, the need for fast and effective public safety response is critical. InfraSite® can securely, discreetly and proactively host Public Safety equipment, ranging from reliable wireless communications to gunshot sensors to first responder supplies. Public Safety professionals have the tools they need to do their job on site, in high-density public venues such as municipal & government buildings, malls, airports, places of worship or schools.

InfraSite®Makes It Possible

  • Communication Systems — Redundant Connectivity Services
  • Tools Where Needed — On-Site
  • Vandalism Reduction
  • Saferoom for Command Center
  • Maintain Line of Sight — Natural Surveillance

Discover How InfraSite® Can Transform Your City

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Flexible Locations
  • Near Invisible
  • Non Intrusive Design
  • Crime Reduction
  • Right-Of-Way Use Choices

Vision Zero

Happy Citizens Make Beautiful Communities.

InfraSite® works with municipalities to make traditional zoning and planning headaches disappear while enhancing your community’s service capabilities. Our wireless telecom infrastructure solution is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, under the traditional height restrictions and flexibly located. We believe that the right-of-way should be reserved for municipal needs, neighborhoods should retain their character and residences should retain their value. Our infrastructure solution allows for placement anywhere.

Educational Institutions

Designing a Flexible Solution Together

Today's families, students, teachers and staff all deserve the highest level of proactive safety measures. Modern schools require a holistic approach when it comes to being safer without disrupting the basic objective of education.

Meeting the growing IoT needs of schools, universities and colleges means bigger, safer private networks and providing access to the technology and tools that ensure campus and online security. InfraSite® accomplishes this in a discreet and secure way.

Every Day Better, Every Day Safer

  • Flexible Locations
  • Emergency Response
  • First Responder Supplies
  • Preventive Plan
  • Interconnectivity
  • Private Networks
  • Surveillance

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