Infrastructure for Macro Towers

Infrastructure Designed for Hard to Permit Urban & Residential Areas

Macro / Mini-Macro Tower Solution

  • Anti-vandalism
  • Easier zoning / permitting in urban, suburban and historic areas
  • Minimizes Not In My Back Yard issues and landlord pushback

InfraSite®Infrastructure Changes Everything

Site Capacity 12-15 radios 12-15 radios
Permitting 3-18 months 3-6 months
Deployment Up to 3 wks/site 3-4 days/site
Urban Permitting Difficult Easy
Environmental Exposed Secure, Waterproof, Climate Controlled

Reasonable, fair and flexible financial terms

  • Reasonable escalators
  • Higher financial flexibility, i.e. rent vs. upfront capital contribution


  • Unlimited amendments within leased space makes retrofitting costs to add capacity or 5G technology very reasonable

Flexible design

  • Allows for flexible installation at base of pole, below or above ground
  • Multitude of pole choices available to meet carrier’s objectives

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