The Future of Networking is Underground Infrastructure

Pushing the Edge of the Network. Avoiding NIMBY. Innovating Beyond the Norm.

InfraSite’s site is designed to merge macro cell tower capabilities and economics on a smaller site footprint. The core product, thanks to innovative design and patented technology can fit discreetly in a much smaller geographic footprint opening opportunities for broader and faster deployments.


Enter the New Age

InfraSite® technology changes the landscape of networking, literally. With our unique hydraulically raised equipment rack and underground enclosure design, we can house and connect communication technologies to an endless variety of above ground distributing elements. All of this without becoming an eye-sore.

What Going Underground Means to You

  • Eliminate NIMBY

  • Small Footprint Network Housing

  • More Space for Real Estate

  • Preserve Your Community

Moldable, Versatile, Powerful

We just make the smart vault. That means you can reliably house equipment from any and all network providers in a safe, environmentally controlled environment.

With Infrasite's moldable design approach, providers can feel safe knowing their equipment will be housed and maintained comfortably underground. Built in cable management, air conditioning, cable connections, and an interior lift-assisted cabinet are just a few features designed to ensure ease of access and maintenance satisfaction.


Don't Solve New Tech The Old Way

Edge Computing

Bring data closer to the customer.

Infrasite's Smart Vault has endless possibilities for all edge computing needs. House your hardware securely underground without the need to tie to
a Macro Tower.

EV Charging

With Global Fast EV Charging on the horizon, Infrasite has made it easier than ever to adapt to the oncoming EV Charging environment. With underground wiring capabilities and numerous EV compatible options, our Smart Vault is the next best EV solution.


  • No More Digital Pollution

  • Low Energy Capabilites

  • Climate Friendly

  • Eco-resilient


Expensive equipment and supplies are safe and secure in an underground Smart Vault developed from the highest grade steel. Designed to keep intruders out and ensure access only by approved personnel, the Smart Vault may be opened via proprietary Web-App or with onsite keys.

Multi-level security

  • Anti-Theft
  • Controlled Access
  • Anti-Vandalism

Weather Resistant

Constructed of materials developed for the shipping industry, contents within the enclosure are protected from fire, flooding and moisture, dust and more. An underground location means protection from extreme weather (tornados, storms, hurricanes, high winds and moisture).

Climate Controlled

Sensitive equipment is protected from temperature fluctuations by internal heat pump. An InfraSite® Web-App allows for external monitoring and control from anywhere, providing adjustable temperature conditions for a wide variety of equipment. Cooler temperatures and lower humidity underground equate to lower energy costs and extended equipment life.

*optional feature*

Remote Access and Monitoring

Off-site monitoring via the InfraSite® App makes maintenance and access simple and efficient. Multi-level controlled access ensures security and onsite keys serve as a backup.

Learn More about the Future of Networking

Increased Resources, Not Responsibilities.

InfraSite® understands the need to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies across your organization without adding additional maintenance or administrative tasks and reducing the overall risk of maintenance at heights. Our flexible lift-assisted rack can accommodate up to 50 U of rack space or 350 cubic feet of available space, it also provides for backup power sources at the level you need. Need more space? the design is modular for the ability to expand.

multiple applications v2

Dear Powerful Executive,

Does your City Keep you Up at Night?

How do you handle the influx of people coming to live, work, and play in your city? How do you accommodate new infrastructure while preserving neighborhoods and a sense of community? And how do you make the most of land already zoned for commercial use? These are three big questions that keep city managers like you up at night.

And as your city grows, and the challenges get more complex, you face increasing pressure from all sides. Whether it’s the Federal Government mandating you to grant or deny permits quickly. Or Investors threatening to take their business elsewhere if you don’t grant them zoning permits. Or citizens complaining about commercial interests screwing up their neighborhoods. And often your stakeholders are at odds because of the tough decisions you have to make which favor one side over the other.

Wireless Network Carriers and their partners are the perfect example. There is incredible demand for what they offer, but they have a hardware storage problem. One that has gotten worse over time, and become an annoyance to us all. Their ever-increasing need to place equipment is getting more difficult to accommodate, secure, more prone to vandalism, and is an ugly eyesore across cityscapes. Not to mention the public safety hazard they can pose.

Many times there is no option but to grant them a permit in a location that isn’t totally ideal. But most times you have to say “No, you can’t put your equipment here”. It's a long-standing problem with no practical solution - until now.

Infrasite, a Florida-based company, has developed an underground networking solution. It's the only solution of its kind in the country that enables wireless carriers to store their equipment underground. Our invention provides a discreet, secure, reliable storage alternative that is sustainable, compliant, and makes better use of city land. Our Smart Vault solves the aesthetics problem and provides other benefits such as revenue for the city. What’s in it for you?

Efficiency. You can grant wireless carrier permits faster with a less polarizing outcome for your stakeholders. It’s a win-win for government, business, and citizens alike. Your city will be better prepared for natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. And you’ll open up new opportunities in areas such as 5G technology. Above all, you’ll have one less thing to keep you up at night. Is this a good idea for you and your city?

Click the button below and take a look at the enclosed material, then give us a call. We're excited to introduce you to the new era of networking.

Yours Sincerely,

Infrasite LLC