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InfraSite’s site is designed to merge macro cell tower capabilities and economics with small site access. The core product, thanks to innovative design and patented technology can fit discreetly in a much smaller geographic footprint.


Above Ground Connection

InfraSite® technology leverages a unique hydraulically raised equipment rack and underground enclosure design to house and connect communication technologies to an endless variety of above ground distributing elements.

Enclosure +

  • Utility Pole / Light Pole
  • Small Cell
  • Smart Kiosk
  • Totem / Mini-Macro
  • Solar Tree

Underground Protection

Moving equipment underground opens up many opportunities while avoiding problems associated with above-ground housing.



Expensive equipment and supplies are safe and secure in an underground enclosure developed from the highest grade weathering steel. Designed to keep intruders out and ensure access only by approved personnel, enclosure may be opened by our App or with onsite keys.

Multi-level security

  • Anti-Theft
  • Controlled Access
  • Anti-Vandalism

Weather Resistant

Constructed of materials developed for the shipping industry, contents within the enclosure are protected from fire, flooding and moisture, dust and more. An underground location means protection from extreme weather (tornados, storms, hurricanes, high winds and moisture).

Climate Controlled

Sensitive equipment is protected from temperature fluctuations by internal heat pump. An InfraSite® App allows for external monitoring and control from anywhere, providing adjustable temperature conditions for a wide variety of equipment. Cooler temperatures and lower humidity underground equate to lower energy costs and extended equipment life.

Remote Access and Monitoring

Off-site monitoring via the InfraSite® App makes maintenance and access simple and efficient. Multi-level controlled access ensures security and onsite keys serve as a backup.

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Increased Resources, Not Responsibilities.

InfraSite® understands the need to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies across your organization without adding additional maintenance or administrative tasks. We prepare and care for your equipment so you can focus on outcomes. Our flexible enclosure offers a bigger rack (2 x 25 U racks/ 150 cu ft) and provides for back-up power sources at the level you need.

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