One Site At A Time

Whether you are building a macro tower, small cell network, DAS or C-RAN hub, Edge Compute aggregation point, or Fiber Network, InfraSite can help deploy in hard-to-build areas.

Flexible and cost-effective network densification tools to help wireless carriers meet network coverage and capacity objectives in hard-to-access urban, historic and residential areas.

InfraSite® pushes the network EDGE to help carriers connect anywhere, including high-density urban, historic and residential neighborhoods. Whether you are looking to expand your network indoor or outdoor, or develop a new CBRS network, InfraSite® makes it possible.


Turn a challenging location into an easy cost-effective solution.

Whether you are focused on macro towers or small cells / DAS, InfraSite’s patented underground solution delivers what you need to expand and densify your network by:

  • Providing enough network coverage and capacity
  • Offering unmatched protection from vandalism and inclement weather, including hurricanes
  • Offering backup power and remote monitoring tools
  • In aesthetically pleasing way that is accepted by the cities and municipalities

Zoning and Permitting Friendly

Our solution is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, under the traditional height restrictions and flexibly located.


Win-Win for Everybody

InfraSite® can work with you in 2 ways:

● As a partnership - let us know if you have a challenging location that's not deployable due to various reasons, our safe, aesthetically pleasing solution can remove the deadlock
● As a turnkey deployment

Streamlined Construction Means Faster on Air

InfraSite® has the flexibility of choosing prime land as its preferred installation location without having to build in the Right-of Way, which already contains traffic and utility equipment, telecommunications, fiber, sewer, water and/or power lines.

The site can be constructed and ready for equipment installation in 3-4 days. As soon as equipment, power and fiber are connected, the site is “On Air”.

Installed in 3-4 Days

Better Protection for Your Equipment

The InfraSite® solution protects your investment in equipment, by keeping it out of the reach of thieves, secure in a climate‑controlled environment that extends equipment lifetime and is remotely monitored.

InfraSite Protects Equipment From Water and Fire

Anti Theft
Anti Vandalism

Internal Environmental Control

Lower Underground Temperature
Extended Equipment Life
Safe from Dust and Flooding
Lower Power bills

InfraSite Protects Equipment from Weather
Weather Resistant

Extreme Weather (Hurricanes, Tornados, Storms, and Fire)
Protection from Moisture and Winds

InfraSite Remote Monitoring of Equipment
Remote Monitoring

Energy Consumption
On-site live surveillance

The Right Price for the Right Site

We offer the flexibility of buying, leasing or hybrid ownership. Total cost of ownership is much less than traditional models and provides access to high value, previously unavailable locations.