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Medium Cell Hybrid Moves Out of the Right-of-Way and into the Parking Lot


Expanding wireless capacity can be a complex undertaking, particularly in highly dense areas. With NIMBY concerns abounding and limited right-of-way access, new innovations in wireless infrastructure suggest that placing medium cell hybrid technology underground, for example in a public or private parking lot, may be one strategy that will enable the capacity our Iot world…

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News From Mobile World Congress 2018


Tech Crunch is at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona and has an article highlighting the need for a new mindset for 5G Internet Rules. With the right incentives, industry players will up the investment in 5G.

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GWS Mobile Video Test Signals Future Data Usage Needs


Global Wireless recently published a GWS mobile video streaming test highlighting a few things 1) AT&T is best overall, 2) Sprint lagged the group and 3) No major carrier is fully prepared for the onslaught of video and other data usage that is coming down the pike with the advent of 5G and the Internet…

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Everything You Need to Know About 5G


Head over to IEEE Spectrum for an excellent 5G 101 video and a dive into the players in the race to innovate for 5G. Explore millimeter waves, small cells, massive MIMO, full duplex, and beamforming.  InfraSite’s underground medium cell hybrid is next to join them. Read more of Everything You Need to Know About 5G

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